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We perform very effective works lately with Intellectual Property Rights investigation office in the body of Ministry of Justice which was established for the purpose of hindering the sales counterfeit products.
You can help us by reporting the sales points of counterfeit products to hukuk@v-pillsgold.com.tr by mail or to 0 212 441 34 00 by phone.
V-PILLSGOLD is registered trademark of Taylan Medikal A.Ş. In our country, domain names that end with “com.tr” is only given the companies that have registered trademark. Therefore, web sites that make sales without www.v-pillsgold.com.tr domain name, which belongs to our company, are not secure. Besides the internet sales, you can find our products in elite pharmacies in Turkey, chain stores and national internet shopping sites.

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taylan medikal


One of Turkey’s fastest growing medical personal care firms with 12-year history

The company was founded as Taylan Distribution in 2005. Following its restructure under the name of Taylan Medikal in 2013, it has exhilarated its growth and become one of Turkey’s fastest growing medical companies in the healthcare industry.

V-Pills used by millions in Turkey

We created the USA patented V-Pills by partnering with some of the world’s forthcoming healthcare companies which has become the only brand in the industry to reach millions of people in Turkey.
For years, we created and launched many successful products as a result of the work generated by our R&D team and other business partners in Turkey. One of those success stories is our FDA approved V-PILLS GOLD. With multiple product benefits, we have been proudly producing V-PILLS GOLD and many of our other products in Turkey.


Our vision; to become the most trusted name of the industry and expand into new geographies

Our priority is to become the most trusted medical personal care products in Turkey and geographic expansion. In 2017, we are aiming to launch into international markets with our wide range of products that are developed and produced with utmost care and full awareness of our responsibilities as a healthcare company. This way, we will be expanding our vision into new territories.


Our mission; to fully satisfy our consumers and add some colour to their lives

Our consumers trust our products and use them to enjoy life. With full awareness of the fact that our area of expertise is perceived as a sensitive matter, we will continue developing new innovative products and services by paying full attention to quality standards and by caring for the needs of our consumers.


Products at global quality standards and affordable pricing in Turkey and abroad

Our objective is to develop and manufacture products at global quality standards through our partnerships in the USA and Europe, and market them at optimum prices for consumers in Turkey and abroad.


Innovation is our passion
Innovation has been the most enchanting word for us since 2013. That’s why our R&D Team has been working very hard in partnership with many domestic and international developers and innovators. As a result, we will be launching many new initiatives in 2017 and onwards.

In short; our purpose is to develop and produce innovative products at global standards in order to please our consumers and to bring some joy to their lives in Turkey and in international territories.

taylan medikal
taylan medikal
Taylan Medikal ve Dağıtım Dış Tic. A.Ş.

Our address

Airport24 - İnönü mah. Muammer Aksoy. Cad. No80 d:14
Küçükçekmece İstanbul
Posta kodu: 34306

0212 441 34 00

0541 441 34 00